लुब्धम््रथेन गृहणीयात स्तब्धमंजलिकर्मणा |
मूर्ख छंदों अनुवरतेन यथार्थत्वेन पण्डितम ||

A greedy person can be won over by offering money,
a stubborn person by bowing to him satisfying his ego,
a fool by agreeing with him and a scholar by speaking
truth. ( So said Chanakya ).


2 Responses to “Subhashitam”

  1. R.K. Says:

    May be that explains why a lot of people tend to agree with me after some arguments …. 🙂

  2. Venu Says:

    R.K, Now wonder. You are a Scholar and a Gentleman!

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