Song of the day

Kunjan ban cchadi he madho …

Meera Bhajan.

Sung by MS.


4 Responses to “Song of the day”

  1. ushaindhyd Says:

    So many great devotees whose songs we enjoy even now … If so many good people are able to see and experience God , definitely it must be
    true, far more truer than all our earthly relations …

  2. R.K. Says:

    Very glad to see these 60+ years old clippings from the film Meera. M.S. looks so elegant and the voice so sweet.

  3. R.K. Says:

    Followed the youtube links to see other songs. Looks like Chittoru Nagaiah (who was a great devotee himself) was the Rana in the film (husband of Meera, kind of villain). That makes me wonder if the film was originally made in Tamil or some south Indian language and dubbed to Hindi.
    In the song Chaakar rako ji, it is very nicely shown how devotion to God was so pervasive in the society. The women carrying water on their heads, those churning butter, the potter, the farmer tilling the land, the cowherd, everyone singing Bhajans (probably Meera’s) while performing their duties. No wonder so many could experience the divine back then. Wonder how many are so devoted in present day society. Chadivesthe Kaakara kaya keekara kaaya ayyindi ta.
    Even a Radio does not reproduce the beautiful music being broadcasted if not properly tuned to the right channel (and produces noise and non-sense), then what to say about this heart which has no tuning towards divine, but is engrossed in the nuisance of the world?

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