विद्यार्थी सेवक : पान्थ : क्षुदानार्तो भयकतर : |
भाण्डारी प्रतिहारी च सप्त सुप्तान् प्रभोदयेत ||

One can wake up a student , servant , traveller ,
a starving person , frightened person , storekeeper
and a gate keeper if they are asleep when they should
be alert.

अहिं नृपं च शार्दूलम् किटिम च बालकं तथा |
परश्वानां च मूर्खं च सप्त सुप्तान् न बोधयेत् ||

One should never try to wake up a sleeping serpent,
king , tiger , pig , child , other’s dog and a fool.

(So said Chanakya ).


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