Song of the day

Krishna nee begane baro …

Composed by Sri Vyasaraja.

Sung by Sri Unni Krishnan.

Sung by Sri. Jesudas.


3 Responses to “Song of the day”

  1. R.K. Says:

    Very nice with spectacular paintings.
    This song was recently rendered by one of the contestants (and eventual winner) in the finals of super singers (maa tv), for which she got standing ovations from all the judges. I was thinking that it was composed by Purandara dasa, but was wondering why there was no purandara word in the song.

  2. R.K. Says:

    But Sri Krishna Devaraya was of Vaishnava (Vishistadvaita) faith, not dwaitha, so wonder (and confused) how he could have had Vyasaraya as kula guru. As far as I know his kula guru was Thathacharya. Generallly kings used to have only one kula guru. However, since he showed great respect for all the faiths, may be considered this great sage as the equivalent of kula guru.

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