एक : क्षमावतां दोषो द्वितीयो नोपपद्यते |
यदेनं क्षमया युक्त मशक्तं मन्यते जन : ||

There is only one weakness of a tolerant person , that is
his patience and no other . This quality of tolerance and
forgiveness is misunderstood to be incapability by others.

सोनस्य दोशो न मन्तव्य : क्षमा हि परमं बलं |
क्षमा गुणो ह्यशक्तानां शक्तानां भूषणं क्षमा ||

One should not think that is his weakness or defect.
As tolerance is the strength of the weak and the
ornament of the strong. So said Vidura.


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