सुलभा: पुरुषा राजन् सततं प्रियवादिन: |
अप्रियस्य तु पथ्यस्य वक्ता श्रोता च दुर्लभ: ||

O King, there are many who talk in a
pleasant way though there is no truth in
it. But it is very rare to get a well wisher
whose speech is beneficial , though not pleasant,
and some one who listens to him.

यो हि धर्मं समाश्रित्य हित्वा भर्तु: प्रियाप्रिये |
अप्रियाण्याह पथ्यानि तेन राजा सहायवान् ||

The one who adheres to Dharma , and advices
the King wishing his welfare , without bothering
whether his advice is pleasant or bitter is a true
friend of the King. So said Vidura.


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