गीता ध्यानम्

ॐ पार्थाय प्रतिभोधितां भगवता नारायणेन स्वयम्
व्यासेन ग्रथितां पुराणमुनिना मध्ये महाभारतम् |
अद्वैतामृतवर्षिणीं भगवतीमष्टादशाध्यायिनी
मम्ब त्वामनुसन्धामि भगवत्गीते भवद्वेषिणीम् ||

Om Bhagavat Geeta – with which Partha was enlightened by
Sri Narayan himself, and which was incorporated in the
Mahabharata by the ancient saint Vyasa – Oh Blessed Mother ,
who is perennially showering the nectarian philosophy of Advaita
– the 18 chaptered Bhagavat Geeta –
Oh loving mother , upon thee I constantly meditate – You are sure
antidote to the rocking experiences of change.

Without reverence , respect and faith for the very text book in hand
no serious study can ever take place ; therefore the very first stanza
for meditation is dedicated to register our reverence and express our
adoration to the Divine Mother Geeta herself.

This is the first stanza of the nine usually attributed to
Sri Madhusudan Saraswati,chanted by students devoted to the study
of the Geeta in India before they start their daily lessons.

( The above translation and comments are from
‘ The Bhagawad Geeta ‘ by Swami Chinmayananda. )

Ghantasala Bhagawad Geeta – Part 1


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