प्रकृते : क्रियमाणानि गुणै : कर्माणि सर्वश : |
अहङ्कारविमूढात्मा कर्ताहमिति मन्यते ||

All actions are made up of , in all cases , merely by
the qualities of nature ( gunas ) . He whose mind is deluded
by egoism , thinks " I am the doer ".

तत्ववित्तु महाबाहो गुणकर्मविभागयो : |
गुणा गुणेषु वर्तन्त इति मत्वा न सज्जते ||

But he – who knows the truth , O mighty armed,
about the divisions of the qualities and (their) functions,
and who knows that Gunas-as-senses move amidst Gunas-as-
objects is not attached.


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