व्यालं बालमृणालतसतुभिरसौ रोद्धुम समुज्ज्रुम्भते |
भेत्तुम वज्रमणिम् सिरीशकुसुमप्रान्तेन सन्नह्यति ||
माधुर्यं मधुबन्दुना रचयितुं क्षाराम्बु धेरीहते |
मूर्खान्य : प्रतिनेतुमिच्छति बलात्सूकै: सुधास्यन्दिभि : ||


2 Responses to “Subhashitam”

  1. ushaindhyd Says:

    The Sanskrit of Bhartruhari’s time appears to be quite difficult . Just
    imagine people conversing in this language !

  2. R.K. Says:

    Generally that is the case with any poetry right? Sometimes to match the flow and the rules of chandassu, you need to pick more difficult words. Complexity is the beauty. I am sure plain conversational langauage must have been not that difficult even then.

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